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Nobody likes dealing with a "difficult employee."  Your progress is greatly impeded by internal frictions.  While some of them are a natural part of running a business, others lead to distractions, inefficiencies, and unnecessary conflict.  Let us assess your problem areas and offer you solutions.

strategic decision making

executive coaching

Businesses decision makers face difficult choices daily.  Using the best tools in the industry, we will help you make an informed decision and present you with data-driven justification that you can use to support your decision.​


If you start the process at the negotiating table, you are already at a disadvantage.  We will guide you in intelligent preparation and confident execution to ensure capturing maximum value while preserving important to you partnerships.


We will analyze your existing organizational units using advanced social science methods and help you shape them into better functioning,  

highly cohesive, well-performing collaborative teams.


You are not a machine.  There's more to life than your work.  Personal well-being, developing resilience, and minimizing burnout are our hallmark expertise.

HR and conflict resolution

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Calm Water Consulting, LLC

reputation mangement

Making decisions without the necessary information is fraught with risk.  Customized to the size and needs of your enterprise, we can help you design an internal process for collecting, analyzing, and acting upon market intelligence in your specific industry.  

You may need to hit the reset button after a setback.  Turn a potential PR disaster into a growth opportunity.  Preserve your relationship with customers, vendors, suppliers, and key players.  We will help you preserve the brand credibility and company image.

Being a leader is a skill that is acquired through experience and training. Our one time targeted or ongoing coaching will enhance your ability to confidently lead your team, inspire and motivate your subordinates, and achieve greater results.

team building